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Stay at Home in Your Charlottesville Apartment

Enjoy “Staying at Home” with the Internet

The best way to protect ourselves and the community is to “stay at home”, but let’s face it – even the nicest apartment can get a little stale after a while. You can still explore the world and stay connected (without the use of social media) with your computer or smart device. There are so many resources to keep you entertained, sane, and engaged! Below are a few of our favorite ways to stay happy and healthy:

Stay connected. Your PC and smart devices can help you to stay in touch with family and friends to prevent isolation. You can also meet new people and stay up-to-date thanks to online resources. Join a book club to find friends who will read and discuss current releases with you or talk about over 70,000 music topics with fellow music lovers. Meditate with thousands of people worldwide, or get support from others who know how hard it is to homeschool your children.

Stay at Home in Your Charlottesville ApartmentExplore your kitchen. Eating healthy is an important way to boost your immunity and improve your attitude. If you are new to cooking at home, let Gordon Ramsey teach you the basics, or brush up on your knife skills with Jamie Oliver. If you are already an experienced cook, try something new, like learning how to create complex pastries or discovering the nuances of Chinese cuisine.

Workout at home. The community gym may be closed, but you can stay in shape or begin a healthy exercise program right in your apartment. Experts say that staying active can boost your immunity and help you to stay balanced. Go for a walk or a run, or try one of these online workouts:

Stay at Home in Your Charlottesville ApartmentLow Impact Workout for Beginners
High-Intensity Interval Training
Barre Body Sculpting Workout

Make a plan for your escape. Lift your spirits by planning a destination vacation! You can also start to look at potential colleges with your older children and take a virtual tour and narrow down the institutions you want to visit or prepare for a Disney vacation by taking a virtual ride on a Disney ride at any Disney location worldwide.

Expand your horizons. You may be stuck at home, but there are countless ways to explore the world and learn new things. Learn more about your family origins with Go on a virtual safari via webcam, or try visiting a museum or national park on your smart TV. You can visit many wonderful places right from your sofa including:

Open your mind. Now is a great time to dive into a new skill or hobby. You and your family can learn a new language together with online resources like Rosetta Stone or Babbel. You can also find classes on everything from drawing to music – get started with SkillShare.

Stay at Home in Your Charlottesville ApartmentHave fun. When you need to step away from the devices for a fun distraction, try these great crafts and activities and take some time to enjoy the people you live with every day in a new, fun way.

While COVID-19 may present challenges to our families and communities, we also have the chance to take advantage of unique opportunities: to learn new things, to reach out to our loved ones, and to look beyond our daily routine for a new perspective. Stay safe, stay connected – we can not only survive, but we can also improve!